The WiFi-enabled Philips Air Purifier 2000i has an outstanding number of bells and whistles, all of which are designed to provide real-time air quality control. This high-end air purifier works effectively to reduce allergens in medium and large rooms, and you can adjust the purification level, air speed, timer and dimmer. Particles, odors, and gases are no match for this air purifier’s three-filter system.

air purifier 2000i

Through an app, you can change the 2000i’s settings, track the air quality inside and outside of your home, and even receive allergen advice. The unit’s dashboard also displays the current allergen rating through a color ring and an index, so you can determine the air quality at a glance.

Plus, it is certified by Energy Star and the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, or AHAM, which means that the air purifier is not only easy on your electric bill but also able to reduce dust, pollen, and smoke.

Powerful Filters

The strength of a filter is a reliable gauge for an air purifier’s overall ability at blocking irritating and dangerous allergens. In this purifier by Philips, there are three filters – a true HEPA filter, a charcoal filter and an outer mesh filter. Its True HEPA filter catches 99.97 percent of impurities that measure at 0.3 microns or smaller, which keeps dust, pet dander, and certain bacteria out of the air.

The charcoal filter reduces the gases emitted from volatile organic compounds that come from consumer goods like household cleaners and aerosol sprays. There is also a reusable, irritant-trapping mesh filter that you can easily remove, clean and reinsert. When it is time to change the True HEPA filter, the color ring on the air purifier turns red, ensuring that the unit runs at full efficiency.

series 2000i air purifier

Adjustable Modes and Settings

This air purifier allows you to control every mode and setting through its on-unit dashboard. With Philip’s exclusive AeraSense technology, you can utilize the Allergen mode on the purifier to automatically monitor and react to allergens in the room. You can also set the purification mode to General, which auto adjusts to the perfect fan speed, and Bacteria and Virus mode, which immediately increase the fan speed to reduce allergens as fast as possible.

If you prefer to manually select the fan speed, you can choose from five settings that range from a practically silent sleep mode to a powerful turbo mode. The air purifier also has a three-setting timer and full-spectrum dimmer. These modes and settings can also be controlled via a convenient phone app. In addition, the app provides historical tracking, allergen advice, indoor air quality ratings and outdoor air quality ratings.

Responsive Indicators

Besides the app, you can get instant feedback on air quality conditions through the color ring and numerical display on the air purifier’s dashboard. The color ring gives you a general idea of the indoor air quality. When the ring is blue, the air quality is good. When it is red, the air quality is poor. If you need a more exact measurement, the index ranges from 1 for the best air quality to 12 for the worst air quality.

2000i air purifier

Philips 2000i Air Purifier Videos

Conclusion: Should I Buy the Philips Air Purifier 2000i

If you live in a highly polluted city or suffer from allergies, the Philips Air Purifier 2000i will help you breathe easier and generally feel better, especially when the pollen count is high. With its myriad of features and Wi-Fi connectivity, this air purifier is ideal for the tech savvy consumer yet easy enough to operate for those who have a steep technology learning curve.

Its extremely sensitive indicators help you adjust the purifier to the perfect settings, so you can get personalized air quality control. One caveat is that the app is not ad free, which is typical for most no-cost apps; however, the ads do not interfere with your ability to utilize the app. The 2000i truly has every feature you need and options you did not even know you wanted in an air purifier.

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