Mudder Electric Dehumidifier Review

Get small-area dehumidification when you need it with the Mudder Electric Dehumidifier. This dehumidifier is well-suited for closets, bathrooms, office cubicles and dorm rooms, and it’s lightweight and portable, allowing you to move it with ease whenever necessary. Plus, it doesn’t consume a lot of power, which is great news if you like to look for ways to cut down on your electricity bill.

Mudder Electric Dehumidifier Review

Since it doesn’t make a lot of noise, you can put the dehumidifier in your bedroom, and it won’t wake you up while you’re asleep. There is only one button that controls the dehumidifier, making it simple to use, and it is designed to evenly distribute dry air. With features such as an indicator light and automatic shut-off mechanism, you don’t have to set reminders to empty the water collection tank.


Mold and mildew can cause a multitude of health problems from nasal stuffiness to wheezing. For some people, the health consequences can even be dire. Unfortunately, you may not have any control over the relative humidity in a dormitory or office. However, you can decrease the moisture in the nearby air with a personal-use dehumidifier. Weighing just 2.2 pounds, you won’t have any trouble carrying it with you to work or moving it around your house.

Its height of only 8.58 inches and width of 6.05 inches makes it discreet enough to place on your work desk. Plus, it only consumes 22 watts of electricity, which means it’s a real energy saver.


For a personal-use dehumidifier, its efficiency matches its size. The Mudder Electric Dehumidifier can draw 220 milliliters of water each day from a 66-square-foot space, which is partly due to its wide rear air intake. As it removes moisture and evenly circulates dry air through its oval-shaped outlet, you will barely hear it make a peep. The dehumidifier never gets louder than 35 decibels, which is similar to the level of background noise you would hear in a library.

To protect its internal components, the dehumidifier only runs in a room with 45-percent relative humidity and a temperature range higher than 59 degrees Fahrenheit and lower than 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mudder Electric Dehumidifier


With its 500-milliliter collection tank capacity, the dehumidifier can hold 2 days’ worth of water before it needs to be empty, so you don’t have to take a break from working or set an alarm to wake up at night to dump the reservoir. If you aren’t around when the tank needs to be drained, you don’t have to worry; the dehumidifier automatically shuts down when the tank is at capacity.

Plus, the indicator light turns red when the dehumidifier is full to remind you to drain the water tank. Operating the dehumidifier is just as easy as dumping its tank. Simply push the power button to start and stop the appliance. That’s all you need to do.

Mudder Dehumidifier

Mudder Electric Dehumidifier: Good Personal Dehumidifier

As a personal dehumidifier, this Mudder model is ideal for places where you need immediate relief from musty air. It’s extremely small and lightweight, making it a breeze to tote and easy on your electricity bill. Operating it is simple because there is only one button on the control panel. The dehumidifier will never become too full thanks to its auto shut-off mechanism, and it won’t make disturbing noises in the background.

You don’t have to suffer from the negative health effects and unpleasant odors from mold and mildew when you have the Mudder Electric Dehumidifier by your side.

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