Koios Desktop Air Purifier Review

If you’re looking for a personal air purifier that you can put by your bed or in your workspace, the Koios Desktop Air Purifier is perfect. This lightweight, miniature air purifier is quiet, and it barely takes up space, so you can easily find a place for it anywhere. Thanks to its triple-layer filter, you are protected from a multitude of allergens and harmful particles, making it a great appliance to have around when you’re sick.

Koios Desktop Air Purifier Review

One button controls the fan speed and the power to the purifier, so it’s easy enough for anyone to use. No matter how long you run the Koios Desktop Air Purifier, you can count on it to keep your electricity bill low. As a bonus, it has a built-in LED nightlight to help you relax or fall asleep.

Small and Energy Efficient

This air purifier only stands 7.5 inches tall and has a diameter of 6.9 inches; therefore, it fits nicely on your desk, nightstand or kitchen counter without taking up valuable space. Since it weighs a featherlight 2.1 pounds, moving it to a new location requires no effort.

It even has a blue LED ring that acts as a soothing nightlight. You don’t have to worry about it consuming a lot of electricity; the purifier only needs 8 watts to operate and 0.5 watts when it’s on standby.

Koios Desktop Air Purifier Test

Three-Layer Filter

As air flows into the bottom outlet that circles around the purifier, the outer layer of the filter blocks pollen, dust mites and other large particles. Then, 99.97 percent of the 0.3-plus micron particles are captured by the HEPA filter in the middle. These particles include airborne contaminants like bacteria, mold and pet dander.

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Finally, the inner activated carbon layer eliminates odors caused by cooking, cigarette smoke and pets. After the now-clean air passes through all three layers, it’s released via the outlet at the top of the purifier.

Easy to Operate

With just one button to control the entire air purifier, operating it is uncomplicated. Simply press the button to turn the purifier on and off as well as change between the two fan speeds. On its highest speed, the fan blows air at a rate of 16 cubic feet per minute, and it does it almost silently too. Even the necessary biannual filter change is simple and quick. To replace the filter, flip the purifier over and turn the knob counterclockwise to remove the cover. After inserting the new filter, replace the cover and turn the knob clockwise to secure.

Koios Desktop Air Purifier

Koios Desktop Air Purifier: Clean Air Anywhere

Regardless of whether you’re working, sleeping, watching television or cooking, you can enjoy clean, purified air. The Koios Desktop Air Purifier is lightweight, portable, energy efficient and space friendly. It boasts an advanced filter with three layers of protection from odors and dangerous particles, and you only have to change the filter twice per year. You get two fan speeds from which to choose, and all components are controlled by a single button.

Koios also offers a 12-month warranty in case you run into an issue. Plus, there is a nightlight, which is an uncommon but welcome feature to have on an air purifier. Breather better and feel better too with the Koios Desktop Air Purifier.

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