ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum Review

Cleaning floors is often a stressful and time-consuming chore that most people either endure as a necessary evil or pay a sizable fee to have someone else do for them regularly. It’s not a chore that can be avoided. Fortunately, there are new and innovative technologies on the market that take all the stress of floor cleaning off the individual, with few being better than the ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. The V3s Pro is designed for a variety of floor cleaning techniques and works as a little robot assistant, moving on its own (according to whatever settings you prescribe) and cleans many floor types.

ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum Review

This robotic vacuum isn’t limited in its cleaning capabilities. It sweeps, vacuums, and dry-mops all in one taking off dirt, dust, and debris from floor surfaces, leaving a clean, smooth finish. For pet owners, it has a special pet hair technology designed to pick up on pet hair that has been shed. It’s known to be particularly effective on hardwood floors.

ILIFE V3s Pro Introduction Video (By iLife)

There is a great deal of control granted with this technology. You can adjust the settings to clean according to a particular schedule that suits you. It can be scheduled to a time when you won’t be in the room or before you go to sleep. It’s also remote-controllable and comes with a touch screen function for easy accessibility. Its settings are easy to understand, and by simply pressing the ‘clean’ button, the V3s Pro gets to work right away.

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Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

You don’t have to constantly worry about charging, as the ILIFE V3s Pro self-charges when necessary. Despite it moving by itself, it is equipped with anti-bump technology that detects furniture in the way as well as cliff-like settings like staircases so that the device doesn’t bump into furniture to fall of staircases. This means that it has little chance of damaging itself in the process of work.

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Silent Operation

It’s noticeably quiet and can be left in a room to work by itself. Overall, it’s designed to be very independent of its owner and work with little supervision. This unit is a very low profile piece of equipment, and so it can go easily under beds and chairs, so you need not worry about dirt accumulating in those areas. It is very light-weight at only five pounds, which ensures that this particular ILIFE robot vacuum is easy to carry and store.

Conclusion: ILIFE V3s Pro

The ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is built to be the ultimate convenience. It’s easy to set up, works with a wealth of floor types, and comes equipped with easy settings. Perhaps the best part of the V3s Pro is that it makes sure that its owner needs to do as little as possible.

With the V3s Pro, you don’t have to clean your floors, charge the machine yourself, or do much monitoring of the device. Its easy-to-control settings mean that the machine cleans when you want it to at the push of a button. It pretty much is a cleaning service that you pay for once but serves you indefinitely. It is definitely recommended for the ease and peace of mind.

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