One of the main reasons people are buying portable air conditioners is because this product allows them to save energy while cooling a specific area. The almost typical caster wheels make it possible for the portable air conditioner to be moved all around the home. Portable air conditioners are able to cool the warmest areas of the home whether you utilize whole house air conditioning or not.

How to Choose the Best Portable Air Conditioner

How Do Portable Air Conditioners Work?

By utilizing the existing air in a room a portable air conditioner is able to cycle the air. There are inlets on the unit that draw in warm air and pass it through refrigerant filled coils to cool it. The cool air is then blown out the vents of the portable air conditioner. This not only helps with cooling the air, but provides air circulation of the room. This helps cut down on mold and mildew growth in damp homes.

What Styles of Portable Air Conditioners are Available?

There are single hose units this type of portable air conditioner uses a single exhaust hose to vent the unit. A double hosed unit contains 2 hoses, one which is an exhaust hose and the other is an intake hose. Double hosed units generally provide more cooling power. Heating and cooling units are also available. This means that the portable unit provides not only cooling power but also heat. The downside to this type of unit is that is it not made to be used as a designated heater.

The portable air conditioning unit can be used as a designated cooling system. There are also units that contain a dehumidifying option. In general all portable air conditioning units have dehumidifying qualities but the units that offer a specific mode for reducing moisture can be used simply as a dehumidifier and not only an air conditioner.

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What should I Consider when Choosing a Portable Air Conditioner?

There are several factors worth considering before you purchase your Portable Air Con:
BTU’s – The main consideration when choosing a portable air conditioner are the BTU requirements needed for the space you plan to use the unit in. This allows you to choose a portable air conditioning unit that will adequately cool the space.
Drainage – Some portable air conditioning units need manually empties a few times a day, others condensate through the exhaust hose. The choice is an individual one.
Venting – There are different sizes and lengths or exhaust hoses, and even window venting kits to choose from. Consult your dealer to find out whether you need to choose 5 or 3 ½ inch hoses.
Energy and Efficiency – The higher the Energy and Efficiency Rating (EER) of a unit, the better the unit will be when it comes to saving energy, and saving costs.

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Once you make a smart decision for your air conditioning needs then you can shop for the fun factors. These are the things that come down strictly to personal choice and can make your life more convenient, by adding features to your portable air conditioner. Some of these features include air filtration, remote control, electronic control panel, noise control, and timer functions. Portable air conditioning units are a viable choice for many households, in place of whole house cooling or as an additional cooling source for certain areas.

Environmentally Friendly Air Conditioners

Whether you are looking to reduce your own carbon footprint and effect on the environment or merely aiming to cut costs in the way of your home utility bill, you may be interested in learning that the leading culprit for home energy consumption comes in the way of your heating and cooling methods. When the temperatures outside list to one side of the spectrum or the other we are then more inclined to compensate for that inside. This means that when it gets hot and humid outdoors we are apt to crank up the air conditioning so that we aren’t left sweaty and uncomfortable.

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Portable Air Conditioners: More Efficient

A standard central air condition unit is going to supply your entire house will a steady stream of cold air through a network of vents, which means that even if you are not currently using all of the rooms in your home your air conditioner will be working to keep them just as cool as the ones you are in. This means that you are unnecessarily wasting energy to cool these places and in turn increasing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted and inflating your bills. Portable air conditioners then can limit the amount of energy you need by only cooling the areas you are currently using, passing that reward on to you in the form of savings as well as being easier on one Mother Nature.

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There are many different models of portable air conditioners you can choose from depending on your own specific needs, but generally they are all between 60 and 100 centimeters (28 and 34 inches) tall. They are set upon rolling wheels that allow you to easily shift them from room to room. What’s more is that because they vary in size you can make a selection based on the amount of space you need to cool; you can limit the necessary amount of electricity consumed by pairing a smaller portable unit with a similarly smaller room.

As a rule of thumb, for each square meter of space in a bedroom you need 80 watts; for one square meter of space in an open living area you need 125 watts. Portable air conditioning units can then cut back on the amount of wasted energy you use and in turn make your home all the more green.

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Go for the Greener Air Cons
Another concern regarding air conditioners is the fact that they contain refrigerants that have chemicals that are damaging to the environment. While it is not yet possible to remove all chemicals from the air conditioning unit, there are more eco-friendly refrigerant options. Not all chemicals are created equal and if you are looking to outfit yourself with a unit that is less polluting you can opt for one with R410a refrigerant and still other that don’t produce any ozone.

There are still other ways you can make your portable air conditioner more eco-friendly:
– Compare the Energy Rating between the different models. This is a star rating from 1-6, and the higher the rating the more efficiently they will use the supplied electricity and in turn use less energy overall.
– Look for models that contain a light up control panel with LED lights. They are exponentially more efficient than standard light bulbs.
– Keep the air filter properly cleaned and maintained. As well as increasing the lifespan of your air conditioner dramatically, this will reduce the amount of toxins that are trapped in your house from everyday cleaners, dust, and household products which will in turn make for a cleaner, healthier, living space. This is especially beneficial to anyone with allergies, asthma, or a weakened immune system.

Air conditioners are our friends, not our enemies – but we should pay careful attention to the way in which they are used and relied on. By limiting the amount of energy used with a portable unit you can lessen your carbon footprint and help the environment. The added benefit of a smaller electricity bill shouldn’t go unnoticed either!

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