If you have ever endured the uncomfortable sensation of an intense, sticky heat associated with humid summer nights and hot arid days, then you will soon realize the benefits of having an air conditioning unit stored at home. The benefits are numerous and the relief of experiencing air conditioned surroundings following an uncomfortable heat is overwhelming.

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Evaluate your Options

As with any potential purchase, there is some need to research prior to parting with any hard earned cash and this basic research will pay dividends in the end, ensuring that the right type of air conditioning unit is bought and it is not difficult to source the information as it is easily accessible through the Internet alone.

Portable Air Conditioners are ideal for smaller homes or rented homes because they do not need to be permanently installed into a wall or window. They do however require that the unit be vented by positioning the flexible hose to a window and all units contain kits which allow the hose to be kept securely in place and foam is provided which helps to insulate the opened window. Portable Air Conditioners are easily transported from room to room as they usually have casters so they really are flexible options and can be adapted to an individual’s needs.

If you fancy something much more permanent, then you might wish to opt for a Fixed Air Conditioning unit and these have to be fixed permanently through a window or external wall. These can be useful options especially if finances are tight, as these are the cheapest type of unit to purchase and so worth looking into but be aware that they can be noisy to operate.

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It is worth considering that most units have additional functions such as that of dehumidifying and also, heating when the weather turns cold. It is worth spending a little time considering the size of your surroundings because purchasing a unit that is too small will just be inadequate and a waste of time and money. Too large a unit will cool the air around you too quickly but this will not feel comfortable either.

If you are struggling to cope with the heat on a daily basis, then check out the following points first to ensure that your purchase is a happy one:
1. Space – Measure your surrounding space carefully so that you choose the air conditioning unit with enough power for the job.
2. Consider your needs – would you prefer a portable unit so that it becomes an adaptable resource for your home or would you prefer a permanently fixed unit?
3. Finances – Work out what you can afford and then consider your needs. Air Conditioning Units are now much more affordable but as it’s a long term investment, take your time.
4. Environment – Match your unit so that it blends into your home and opt for energy efficient models.

The benefits of purchasing air conditioning for your home are immense because they work to give you a comfortable environment irrespective of the seasons and therefore provide a long-term investment in your future. In hot climates, they can even improve the saleability of your property. Once installed, the relief from those extreme weather conditions will be immediate and you will wonder how you ever managed to do without.

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How Powerful?

Keeping cool involves more than grabbing the biggest air conditioner you can find, plugging it in, and sitting back to enjoy the air-conditioned comfort. When it comes to air conditioners, bigger is not better. If your air conditioner is too big, your rooms may feel damp and clammy. Too small isn’t good either. If your air conditioner is undersized, you may still suffer from the heat.

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A Primer on Portable Air Conditioners

Using a flexible hose positioned near a window, most portable air conditioners will pull the warm air from outdoors, send it over coolant-filled chiller pipes, and blow the air into the room with a fan. When coolant in the pipes changes from a cool liquid to a gas, heat is moved outside. Another fan blows any heat away from the air conditioner. To keep this cycle working at its best, choose an air conditioner that is the right size for your room. Air conditioners are rated in BTUs which stands for British Thermal Units. The larger the area, the more BTUs are required to keep you cool and comfy.

Consider these factors when selecting the perfect size air conditioner:
– What size room are you cooling?
– How many windows are in the room?
– How many people will be in the room?
– Is your room shady or sunny?

Here’s an easy calculation to help you find a happy medium between cool and comfortable and damp and humid in 7 easy steps:
Step One: Grab a tape measure and measure the length and the width of your room. Multiply the length of the room by the width to find the square meters.
Step Two: Multiply the square meters times 25.
Step Three: Add 10% for a sunny room.
Step Four: Subtract 10% for a shaded room.
Step Five: For every window add 1,000.
Step Six: For 3 or more people in a room, add 600 for each person.
Step Seven: Add 4,000 for a kitchen.

The number that you’re left with is an approximation of the BTU level your Portable Air Conditioner will need to be.

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An Example:
A 10m x 10m room = 100 sq. meters.
100 x 25 = 2,500
Add 10% for a sunny room: 2,500 + 250 = 2,750.
The room isn’t shaded, so we’ll skip this step
Add 2,000 for 2 windows: 2,750 + 2,000 = 4,000.
Add 600 for 3 people in the room: 4,000 + 600 = 4,600.

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We don’t need to account for a kitchen, so we’ll skip this step too. Based on the above calculations, you’ll need to choose an air conditioner with a power rating of approximately 4,600 BTUs.

Still confused?
For a rough estimate, this chart should help to get you started:

Room Size and BTUs
100 – 200 sq. meters = 2,500 – 5,000 BTUs
300 – 400 sq. meters = 7 ,500 – 10,000 BTUs
500 – 600 sq. meters = 12,500 – 15,000 BTUs
700 – 800 sq. meters = 17,500 – 20,000 BTUs

Adjust the figures on the chart, for sunny or shady rooms, windows, or extra people as shown above. Are you cooling rooms that are different sizes? Obviously all other things being equal, it’s better to have too much power than not enough. Ideally, you should choose an air conditioner that will cool the larger room on its ‘high’ setting, while being able to cool the smaller rooms on a ‘low’ or ‘medium’ setting. Gather your figures, head to the nearest dealer, and grab your new portable air conditioner. Plug it in, sit back, and enjoy air conditioned comfort. Ahhh, just right!

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