Hoover Fusion Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum BH53120PC Review

When serious cleaning is required, only a tried and tested brand will do. Hoover has consistently proven its worth in delivery of quality over the years. The brand’s vacuum cleaners are outstanding and typically top performers within their range in the market. The Hoover Impulse Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, BH53020 is not different. Two features that always stand Hoover vacuum cleaners out are power and suction, and when combined with cordless convenience, produce spotless cleaning performance. Clean your entire home from start to end without having to stop to recharge the vacuum cleaner’s battery.

Hoover Impulse Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Powered by a Lithium battery with double the regular runtime, you can accomplish far more. Additionally, charge time is enhanced with the cleaner to enable you to save time otherwise spent charging the battery. Avoid the complaints of dust and debris left behind by some other stick vacuum cleaners, as this one leverages technology to ensure efficient trapping and capture of dirt, dust and pet hairs as you clean.

Easily maneuver around furniture and other obstacles. This is effortless, as the cleaner’s advanced swivel steering enables you to navigate within even tight spaces. Hoover certainly packed its over one hundred years’ experience into the design of this vacuum cleaner. Of course, there are other features. Just read on to discover them.

Hoover BH53020 Impulse

Removable Handheld Vacuum

Swiftly convert the vacuum cleaner to a handheld vac by detaching from the wand. Using this hand vac gives you access into some hard-to-reach areas without hassle. It also allows you to pick up some debris and dust easily.

Swivel Steering

Easy maneuverability is guaranteed with the Hoover stick vacuum cleaner‘s advanced swivel steering design. All you need to do is direct and glide over the floor with ease, turning corners and tight spaces without stress.

Hoover BH53020 Impulse Review

Multi-Floor Cleaning

Whether you are cleaning hardwood floor or carpets, this vacuum cleaner is designed to deliver the same superb cleaning performance. You don’t have to worry about a drop in performance when changing from one floor type to another. Consistent performance is a Hoover standard.

Easy Empty Dirt Cup

Save even more time with the easy empty dirt cup which holds even more dirt and debris than usual.

Hoover Impulse Stick Vacuum

Hoover BH53020: Conclusion

Imagine using a cordless vacuum cleaner that has a longer run-time than many of its peers. This cleaner does that effortlessly because the battery of the Hoover Impulse BH53020 Stick Vacuum has been designed for even more longevity.

The brushroll speed is two-speed while its cleaning path measures 10.75 inches width. Weighing just 5.6 pounds, it can reach lengths/heights of ten feet. Charging the vacuum cleaner’s fade-free lithium battery takes just about three hours, and a full charge gives it over 30 minute run-time. The manufacturer’s pride in this product reflects in its Three Year Limited Warranty. The Hoover BH53020 is obviously a worthwhile purchase.

Hoover Impulse BH53020

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