1990 saw the birth of the iRobot company from scratch. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology was chosen as the sacred territory for the creation of a union between robotics Cohn Angle, Helen Greiner, and Professor Dr. Brooks.

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The initial thought of making human life easier brought 20 years later the fruits in the form of a capital of 307 000 000 USD the company has currently at its disposal. The key to the success of iRobot was an uncompromising quality. iRobot is currently employing over 400 professionals in robotics, software and information technology.

iRobot is also working for the U.S. Government In addition to the civilian sector, the company iRobot also deals with the development of robots for the military in the tactical and the combat fields. The US Army and NASA, whose space programs include iRobot, can be regarded as Robot’s main customers.

This valuable experience gained from generously subsidized developments is also applied to products available to you; this fact also places iRobot well ahead of its competitors and is underlined by a thick line of iRobot’s 20 years’ experience in the development line range of robots.

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iRobot Military and Industrial iRobot to Protect Human Life

iRobot role in our lives can be described quite simply. Today, robots perform work, which until recently fell under the industrial and military health hazards. For example, iRobot PackBot units have saved countless lives, as they are able to locate mines, explore the hazard territories and are capable to dispose of bombs.

Many lives, which would have been otherwise needlessly wasted, have been saved thanks to the smart iRobot PackBot units.

iRobot. Military and Industrial iRobot replaces a Guard

The iRobot merits can be also easily observed on the iRobot negotiator, which will be described in more detail later. Its specialization is space monitoring to such an extent that it completely eliminates the need for a human supervision. Again, this means many more saved lives by iRobot negotiator.

The iRobot Warrior can be considered as another very interesting device. By its load carrying capacity of over 150 kg, it is capable to supply military units located in terrain with difficult access, save the life of a wounded man, or take part in the intensive rescue work.

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iRobot is also a key player in the U.S. Army program called the Army’s Future Combat Systems, un