Bissell 2151A Multi Reach Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

Cleaning can be an absolute pain, especially vacuuming. The tedious process of dragging a vacuum and literally bending over to reach tight, hard-to-clean spots all the while trying not to trip on your vacuum cord can definitely be overwhelming. Also, there is the problem of keeping your vacuum firmly connected to a source of power, being unable to continue vacuuming if the cord isn’t long enough and having to walk across the room to reconnect the cord if there is any disturbance.

Bissell 2151A Multi Reach Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

Then there’s cleaning your car: not all vacuums can even fit into a car, leaving you in the uncomfortable spot of having to curl yourself into different positions to clean tight areas. When all these are considered, the mere thought of vacuuming may sound exhausting. In this review we have a look at the latest stick vacuum from Bissell, the Bissell 2151A Stick Vacuum.

Versatile Stick Vacuum

These days, people are choosing to skip all that discomfort by using the this cordless stick vacuum. The vacuum transitions seamlessly from a powerful cordless vacuum for floors and other surfaces to a convenient hand vacuum for cars and other hard-to-reach areas.

This stick vacuum promises freedom from endless heavy lifting that comes with other vacuums, and its versatile nature makes it a two-in-one solution to vacuuming problems in and out of the home. The vacuum doesn’t come with the struggle of the older models that make vacuuming a tiresome inconvenience but rather it is a faster, smarter way to vacuum.

bissell 2151a multi

Great Look and Feel

The first thing you notice about the vacuum (besides its futuristic appearance) is that it’s very light. Weighing in at about five pounds, it’s very easy to carry which comes in very handy when using it as a hand vacuum in tight spots. This also means easier storage due to not only its lightweight but also its cordless nature which means no more untangling of power cords or potentially tripping yourself or others. Most of its weight is centered at the top, so it has to be put against a wall to avoid falling over.

Charging Time

It has a fairly long charge time (typically four hours), and after it’s charged, can last up to twenty minutes for fade-free suction due to its 22V lithium-ion battery which is easily removable. Upon seeing it the first time, you might wonder why a vacuum even needs LED lights. However, the LED lights make it much easier to see dirt that might be hiding in plain sight so they act like headlights of sorts. It’s incredibly interactive, with the bottom lighting up to indicate what is being vacuumed as well as the earlier mentioned LED lights.

The suction power is quite powerful, particularly for animal hair, which is good news for pet owners. Its suction efficiency means a possible goodbye to brooms and dustpans for hardwood floors, for which it is very good. It’s not quite as great on rugs, though it is adequate. It also comes with an upholstery brush which is easily removed and cleaned.

Bissell 2151A Manoeuvrability

It’s also incredibly versatile, morphing from a stick vacuum to a simpler but still powerful hand vacuum. One of the biggest struggles of using a stick vacuum is having to clean under tables and low surfaces. Without needing to convert to a hand vacuum, the Bissell cordless vacuum comes with a swivel steering and a flat lay handle which means it can move easily under various surfaces and around corners. And when it’s time to vacuum shelves, tight corners, and cars, it converts instantly to a hand vacuum while retaining its suction power, taking away the hassle of cleaning higher and small nooks and crannies.

multi reach cordless

Bissell Multi Reach: Conclusion

The Bissell 2151A Multi Reach Cordless Vacuum has proven itself to be reliable, convenient, and an overall effective tool in house cleaning. It serves as a far superior substitute for a broom and pan, taking away the most unpleasant aspects like bending to reach certain spots and its use of LED lighting ensure better cleaning overall.

The vacuum, however, isn’t the best option for hardwood floors. Its battery life could be longer as twenty minutes, the dirt cup is a bit small, and it doesn’t get entirely full and so must be emptied multiple times depending on the intensity of the vacuuming job.

Like most powerful vacuums, the Bissell isn’t quiet and can get to 80db. Overall, the Bissell Multi Reach Cordless Vacuum is without a doubt recommended. Anyone who’s trying to make vacuuming faster, more convenient and more thorough should definitely purchase. If the job intended is very intensive, however, a more powerful alternative should be considered as the Bissell is more suitable for ordinary domestic work.

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