ANNKE 1080P Security Camera System H.264+ DVR Recorder Review

The growing list of security camera systems is an indication of its rising importance. However, it also highlights the need to make the best selection based on various factors including robustness, access, ease of use, and storage, among other features. The ANNKE 1080P Security Camera System H.264+ DVR Recorder meets all these standards and has acquired an outstanding name for itself in this market.

ANNKE 1080P Security Camera System H.264+ DVR Recorder Review

This system comes with an impressive 4+1 Channel DVR which you can connect to four 1080p CVBS/AHD/CVI cameras. Always on the go? No issues there as the remote access feature gives you live viewing of your security cameras in High Definition right on your mobile device, regardless of your location. The ANNKE 1080P Security Camera System takes storage seriously, thus it permits video compression using the H.264+ advanced compression feature. Motion Detection Alarm (alerts) via emails or Push notifications whenever the cameras detect movement in areas which you designated for motion surveillance. What else does this security camera system offer besides these great features? Read on for more.

Four in One DVR

This DVR connects to diverse types of cameras, thus ensuring that your existing system can still be used. Talk about saving money! So, connect to your AHD, HD-TVI (1080p), Analog, and even IP camera (as high as 960p). This makes it easy to leverage your existing infrastructure. Additionally, the DVR comes with dual video output (HDMI and VGA) with which you can connect to multiple monitors.

ANNKE 1080P Security Camera System

Video Compression

Storage space is a major issue with security systems. Knowing this, the ANNKE 1080P Security Camera System includes the innovative H.264+ Video Compression feature which allows you to compress videos to half its size thus doubling your storage space. The compression also ensures that you consume less bandwidth while retaining prime video transmission quality.

Remote Access

When you use the ANNKE 1080P Security Camera System, proximity means nothing. All you need is remote access and via the free ANNKE app and your cameras are live on your mobile device even if you are on the other side of the world. Additionally, you will be viewing the videos real-time or playback in high definition. Time conscious? Again, no issues as the Smart Playback function allows you to pick the particular searching area you need to watch. Save time by watching only the relevant stuff.

H.264+ DVR Recorder

Long Distance Transmission

Using a coaxial cable, you can transmit videos for distances up to 500 meters (1640 feet) without any quality loss or lag in transmission.

Conclusion: Should I Buy the ANNKE 1080P Security Camera System?

One very exciting feature of this system is that your alarm videos and images can be uploaded automatically to cloud storage on various platforms including Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. Now, that’s easy access. You can expect a single DVR and a 1TB HDD in the package. You also get four 2.0MP wired cameras, two power adapters, a single mouse, and remote control as well as your user manual in the package.

On Amazon, this product has registered 3.8 out of 5 stars in customer reviews. Most of the reviews are positive with many customers praising it for its simplicity and ease of use. An excited customer described it as a bargain buy for the price while some customers reported that the company delivered on its claims about the product. Overall, most customers are pleased with the ANNKE 1080P Security Camera System.

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