Alen FLEX Customizable Air Purifier Review

If you need a reliable air purifier for a large room that fits in with the room’s color scheme, the Alen FLEX Customizable Air Purifier is an excellent choice. You can select from an array of front panels, each of which is a different color. For further customization, there are even four contaminant-specific. Since this air purifier is designed for use in spacious areas, it can effectively purify the air in open living rooms, huge master suites and big offices.

Alen FLEX Customizable Air Purifier Review

It has a convenient carrying handle to help you move the robust purifier, and it uses a negligible amount of power, so it won’t run up your power bill. Plus, its touchscreen that features five labeled buttons makes changing the fan speed, timer and monitoring the filter life easy.

Optimized for Air Flow

When Alen designed this air purifier, they made sure the three air intakes on the sides and bottom along with the outlet on the top were wide to maximize the air flow. However, they were also careful to keep the air purifier easy to carry, which is why it weighs a manageable 15 pounds and has a built-in carrying handle in the back. With its height of 28 inches, width of 15 inches and depth of 8.5 inches, it’s not too difficult to find a place for it.

Large-Room Use

This air purifier can cleanse the air in rooms as big as 700 square feet. Since it’s a high-efficiency purifier, it boasts an Energy Star certification of just 36 watts. In addition, the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers gives it a clean air delivery rate of 245, which means it can easily purify dust, pollen and tobacco smoke from the surrounding air.

Besides energy efficiency and a decent CADR number, you get Alen’s generous lifetime warranty. While this purifier has a go-with-everything white front panel, there are 13 other panels you can pick to quickly and easily change up the color.

Alen FLEX Customizable Air Purifier test

HEPA-OdorCell Filtration

Inside of the pull-off front panel that attaches to the purifier with magnets, there is a huge HEPA filter that almost spans the entire length and width of the BreatheSmart FLEX air purifier. This triple-layer HEPA-Pure filter is ideal for significantly reducing the number of dust and allergen particles in the air. As long as you vacuum or wash the pre-filter occasionally, you’ll only need to replace the filter every 6 to 9 months.

If you have special filtration needs, you can interchange the HEPA-Pure filter with one of the other three filters offered by Alen, such as VOC-destroying filter or one made for asthma sufferers.

User-Friendly Touchscreen

Since the touchscreen is 4.5 inches wide, the five buttons are spaced far enough apart for ease of use. The backlit power button is flanked by two buttons on each side. On the left, there is a filter reset button with lifespan indicator lights and a timer you can set to 2, 4 or 12 hours.

On the right, there is a four-speed fan button that includes a turbo mode for purifying extra-dirty air and a lock function to prevent accidental button presses. At the lowest fan speed, the air purifier only generates 39 decibels of whisper-quiet sound. At its highest speed, the noise level reaches 55 decibels, which is similar to moderate rainfall.

Alen FLEX Customizable Air Purifier

Alen FLEX Customizable Air Purifier: Made for Your Lifestyle

Whether you use this air purifier in the office or at home, it works hard to give you cleaner air. It’s not overly large yet it has a 700-square-foot purification range. The fact that you can customize the way it looks and even how it purifies makes it unique from other air purifiers on the market. It also saves you money because you’ll only need to change the filter once or twice per year, and it doesn’t require a lot of power to operate.

The multi-mode touchscreen gives you control over how it runs, and the noise output is never disturbing, making it easy to sleep or work while it runs. The Alen FLEX Customizable Air Purifier is made for streamlined operation and swift customization. In other words, it’s built for the needs of today’s consumer – you.

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