AIRMEGA 400S Smart Air Purifier Review

If you’ve shopped around for an air purifier before, you’ll have heard of Coway. They specialize in water filters and air purifiers and make over a billion dollars a year in revenue doing so. The Airmega AP-2015E(G) 400S is their most advanced air purifier yet. This is a highly effective, intelligent, and beautifully-designed air filter intended for use in large spaces, and comes with the “Mega” mobile app that enables you to control the device from your phone. Here’s what people love about the Airmega 400S.

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AIRMEGA AP-2015E(G) 400S Smart Air Purifier Review

Power and Effectiveness

The Airmega 400S dual filter system, featuring a pre-filter and the MAX2 filter, removes up to 99.97% of allergen, molds and fine dust. It also removes up to 99% of volatile organic compounds. Air pollutants as small as one micron in size can be removed. The unit is very powerful and can cover an area of up to 1,560 square feet, cleaning the air of a room that size every 30 minutes.



The amount of noise produced by this air purifier depends on the power setting you are using. On the lowest setting, the Airmega 400S is surprisingly quiet, and you probably won’t even hear it unless the room is otherwise completely silent. On the highest setting, it is louder but not intrusively so — it’s roughly as loud as a fairly large plug-in desk fan.


The Airmega 400S has three modes and will switch between these automatically as needed. On Auto mode, the unit will automatically adjust its speed based on the pollution level of the room in real-time. On Eco mode, the 400S will shut down its fan when it senses good air quality for 10 minutes. It will turn back on if pollution is detected. On Sleep mode, the units light sensor will detect when the room is dark and automatically switch to a quiet setting so that you can sleep in peace.

Monitoring and Control

The main unit uses LED lights to continuously display the air quality of the room. There is also an indicator that tells you when to change the filter — so you don’t have to worry about forgetting! The Airmega AP-2015E(G) 400S connects to your home Wi-Fi network, not Bluetooth, and once this is set up, you can access all of this monitoring information from the app, which also gives you information on outdoor air quality. You can switch between these modes manually, either from the unit’s touchscreen panel, the Mega app, or through Amazon Alexa.

AIRMEGA AP-2015E(G) 400S

Conclusion: Should I Buy the Airmega AP-2015E(G) 400S Air Purifier?

The Airmega AP-2015E(G) 400S is a high-end, powerful and efficient air purifier. It can clean huge spaces quickly, and its dual filter system is truly effective at removing airborne pollutants, so you’re left with clean air. With its Smart Mode, you don’t need to worry about it being left on high settings too long, costing you money and wearing down the filter. It will automatically adjust its power level based on the pollution in the room. Although it’s a powerful, user-friendly device, Coway haven’t focused on function at the expense of form — the unit looks great and won’t cramp your style. Just opening the unit up and looking at the filters will be enough proof that this is something you need.

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Coway Brand

Established in 1989, the Coway company has been dedicated to research and develop environmental solutions, particularly wellness appliances for general living.


Check out the cheaper AIRMEGA AP-2015F 400 here (review).

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